This site was created to capture my rediscovered passion for making things after many years of an engineering career that consisted mostly of writing Powerpoint presentations. Some of the projects have been done for my entertainment, others were done for clients or as training material. All of them had hard bits and easy bits but nothing beats the satisfaction of finishing something totally unique.

As well as project work I have enjoyed helping other people develop their skills. Teaching workshops is exhausting but the enthusiasm of the participants is vastly rewarding.

I hope the site will provide ideas, techniques and training to help others do fun stuff. At the very list it will provide a diversion on a wet Sunday or a boring day in the office.

I am always interested in hearing about opportunities to share my work at events - particularly in the East Midlands or Thames Valley areas.

Many people and organizations have provided help and inspiration in putting together this work. Here are a few special mentions:
  • All at Dorkbot London for showing me what was possible, triggering more ideas than I know what to do with and being a great forum to discuss ideas.
  • James Larsson for creating the alternative "Pong" meme.
  • Mike Harrison for inspiring me to do an "everything including the kitchen sink" blog.
  • Tim Hunkin and Stephen at Southwold Pier for making the Arcade Machines possible.

Iain Sharp